11 Amazing places you can fly to from Yorkshire this week for less than £50

The weather in the UK is slowly improving, but if you're bored of the same four walls and perhaps want to venture to somewhere with a warmer climate, then there are a wide variety of last minute trips available this week, all from Leeds Bradford airport.

Monday, 9th April 2018, 11:03 am
Updated Monday, 9th April 2018, 11:06 am

There are flights available to Venice and Pisa, so if you want to explore the Italian way of life, this provides a great opportunity to do so.

Spain is also another destination on the list, with flights to Ibiza, Girona and Palma, so if you fancy a few days away partying or just relaxing in the Spanish spring sun, there’s plenty of choice.

Visit the historic city of Limoges to experience the French culture or explore the streets and enjoy a pint of Guinness in Dublin, one of Ireland’s most popular city destinations.

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Take in the Polish cities of Gdansk, Warsaw and Poland or if you fancy a warmer destination, venture to the beautiful Maltese village of Luqa or the Greek Island of Crete.

Wether you fancy some sun, a beach holiday or a city break, there’s something for everyone and all of these flights are £50 or less, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to have a last minute jaunt abroad.

Note: Prices are subject to change and can go up and down slightly on a daily basis. Included are links to search for each of these flights with the latest price available.

Venice, Italy

Return flight with RyanAir to Venice from £36.

Flight times

Tuesday April 10: 07:20 (LBA)- 10.35 (TSF) 2hr 15 mins- Direct

Saturday April 21: 10:25 (TSF)- 11.45 (LBA) 2hr 20 mins- Direct

Pisa, Italy

Return flight with RyanAir to Pisa from £29.

Fly with Ryan Air for £15 on Wednesday April 11, returning on Wednesday April 18 for just £14.

Flight times:

Wednesday April 11: 19:40 (LBA)- 23.10 (PSA) 2hr30 Direct

Wednesday April 18: 17:45 (PSA)- 19:15 (LBA) 2hr30 Direct

Ibiza, Spain

Return flight with RyanAir to Ibiza for only £26.

Flight times:

Thursday April 12: 13:35 (LBA)- 17:25 (IBZ) 2hr50 Direct

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 21:55 (IBZ)- 23:40 (LBA) 2hr45 Direct

Palma, Spain

One way flight to Palma, Majorca, with RyanAir for just £15.

Flight times:

Thursday April 12: 09:30 (LBA)- 13:10 (PMI) 2hr40 Direct

Limoges, France

Return flight to Limoges with RyanAir for only £31.

Flight times:

Thursday April 12: 06:20( LBA)- 09:15 (LIG) 1hr55 Direct

Thursday April 19: 09:40 (LIG)- 10:30 (LBA) 1hr50 direct

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

One way flight to Dublin with RyanAir for only £22

Flight times:

Thursday April 12 06:30 (LBA)- 07:30 (DUB) 1hr Direct

Gdansk, Poland

Return flight to Gdansk with RyanAir for only £22

Wednesday April 11: 17:25 (LBA)- 20:45 (GDN) 2hr20 Direct

Wednesday April 18: 21:10 (GDN)- 22:30 (LBA) 2hr 20 Direct

Warsaw, Poland

Return flight to Warsaw with RyanAir for only £38

Flight times:

Thursday April 12: 08:45 (LBA)- 12:10 (WMI) 2hr25 direct

Thursday Apr 19: 06:45 (WMI)- 08:20 (LBA) 2hr35 direct

Krakow, Poland

Fly one way to Krakow for just £13 with RyanAir

Flight times:

Tuesday April 10: 20:10 (LBA)- 23:40 (KRK) 2hr30 direct

Crete, Greece

Return flight to Crete with RyanAir for only £50

Flight times:

Tuesday Apr 10: 06:50 (LBA)- 13:00 (CHQ) 4hr10 direct

Saturday Apr 21: 13:25 (CHQ)- 15:40 (LBA) 4hr15 direct

Luqa, Malta

One way flight to Luqa with RyanAir for only £15

Flight times:

Friday April 13: 09:50 (LBA)- 14:25 (MLA 3hr35 direct