1968 Wembley watersplash final: try or no try?

Wakefield Wildcats fans might be demanding a replay of the 1968 Challenge Cup final after a modern-day video referee ruling on Leeds’ hotly-disputed try.

The argument over the penalty try awarded to Leeds in the watersplash Wembley final still rages even though it was 45 years ago.

Watersplash Final

Watersplash Final

Leeds winger John Atkinson was awarded an obstruction try after getting in a tangle with Wakefield Trinity centre Gert Coetzer.

The controversial try and subsequent conversion gave Leeds a lead they never lost. Every one knows what happened at the end with Don Fox’s last-minute missed kick, which would have won it for Trinity. But should Leeds have been given the penalty try in the first place?

Rugby League World magazine has asked top video referee Ian Smith to settle the argument once and for all.

Martyn Sadler, editor of sister publication Rugby League Express, said today (Friday): “You will have to read Rugby League Week, out today, to find out Ian Smith’s verdict. But Wakefield fans might be demanding a replay.”

You be the judge: Click play above to watch the hotly-debated try, which is about five-minutes in