A&E ordeal of frail OAP

A FRAIL pensioner collapsed after being put in a taxi and sent home from A&E without her family knowing.

Beulah Parr, 83, who suffers with a blood disorder and sight problems fell out of bed at her home in sheltered housing on Thornhill Street, and was rushed to Dewsbury A&E at around 11.45pm on April 17.

Her family say she was sent home alone from A&E in a taxi and wearing just a nightie at 6am the next morning.

Mrs Parr made it back to her flat, but collapsed.

She had her daughter and son-in-law’s contact details with her – but they were never called by A&E staff.

Mrs Parr is also the carer for her husband Dennis, 87.

But when he found her on the floor he was unable to pick her up or call the family.

Her family are furious at the treatment she received, which they believe made her condition worse.

Yesterday she was back in Pinderfields for treatment for a chest infection.

Her son-in-law Richard Smart said: “We’ve asked her if she asked them to contact us. She said she certainly did. That’s why she had the address book with her.

“I think this is total neglect and they just wanted to discharge her and get her out of the way. She has been in Pinderfields for nearly a week now.”

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust said clinical assessments of A&E patients were made to make sure they were fit to be sent home.

Staff were required to check if the patient needed relatives contacting and if they had suitable transport in order to get home safely, the trust said.

But Mr Smart said none of this happened. He added: “She was put in taxi with an unknown male driver wearing just a nightie.

“If we had not found her she’d have been lying there for hours. We’ve been told it could have developed into pneumonia.”

Tracey McErlain-Burns, chief nurse at Mid Yorkshire, said: “I am sorry for any distress that Mrs Parr and her family have experienced as our aim is to provide the highest possible level of service.

“We have spoken with the family directly and are looking into their concerns.”