A place on Team GB will be n-ice!

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ICE is something most of us could not wait to see the back of following the cold snap, but one youngster cannot get enough of it.

Ellie-May Slater, 10, of Waterton Road, is well on her way to becoming an ice-skating star after winning her first competition last week.

The St Michael’s Primary School pupil got hooked on the sport after a trip to Ice Sheffield two years ago, and now has her sights set on skating for Great Britain.

She said: “I love being on the ice and doing all the different moves. I want to get good enough so that I can compete around the world and when I’ve finished I would love to become a coach.”

Ellie-May, who is a huge fan of ITV’s Dancing on Ice, trains for eight hours a week in Sheffield, and it didn’t take her long to master some of the most complex moves.

She said: “I can do lots of jumps and spins and I don’t get dizzy because the trick is to focus on one thing while you’re doing it.”

To get to competition standard the figure and dance skater completed the 10-level Skate UK programme, before going on to achieve gold standard in the Skate UK Star programme.

She is now working her way through the National Ice Skating Association’s test programme that could eventually see her selected for the national team.

Proud mum Leecia, 40, said: “It’s amazing what she has achieved so far. She is doing as much as she can fit in at the moment, and as long as she’s happy and enjoying it, we will continue to support her.

“The school has been fantastic and everyone there is as proud of her as we are.”

But the hobby does not come cheap. Mrs Slater said it costs her and 58-year-old husband Steve, around £300 per month excluding costumes and the all important boots, which Ellie-May bought herself with her Christmas and birthday money.

Practice definitely does make perfect in Ellie May’s case though, and after her success in the Beginner Ladies Age 10 category at the Coventry Open Competition, she is now gearing up to compete in Aberdeen and Telford too.

To see a video of Ellie-May’s winning performance visit www.wakefield express.co.uk