A real birdie on the golf course

Tilly the galah cockatoo, which is causing a stir at Wakefield Golf Club
Tilly the galah cockatoo, which is causing a stir at Wakefield Golf Club
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Golfers have been seeking a multicoloured birdie of a different kind.

A Galah Cockatoo has taken a shine to four holes at Wakefield Golf Club and no round is complete without a sighting.

The Australian cage bird took up residence at Woodthorpe Lane about 10 days ago.

Club secretary Elizabeth Newton, who got close to the bird on Tuesday, said: “It just amazed me that the birdie was on the course. It must be somebody’s pet. I was about five feet from it and it wasn’t disturbed by my presence at all.”

The bird tends to favour the 6th, 7th, 11th and 17th holes in the centre of the 115-acre course.

The rose-breasted visitor, which favours open country Down Under, appears happy in its new home. It forages for seed left by the greenkeeper but has been mobbed by rooks or crows.

Mrs Newton added: “We thought it was a parrot at first, which turned up on the course 10 days ago. We have since ascertained it’s a Galah Cockatoo.”

The bird has squawked once or twice but hasn’t put anyone off their stroke yet. And it has become a firm favourite with members, who have even christened it.

Mrs Newton added: “We have named him or her Tilly because they hail from Australia and it was short for Matilda. Perhaps we should have called it Sheila.

“The members have taken it to their hearts but we would just like to see it back home.”

If you are Tilly’s owner, please get in touch with Mrs Newton on 01924 258778.