Action needed on the ‘worst crossroads’

The scene at Notton Lane crossroad on Monday.
The scene at Notton Lane crossroad on Monday.

Action must be taken at the ‘worst crossroads’ in Great Britain’ after another crash left a man with serious injuries, said a former parish councillor.

Road safety campaigner Stephen Selby has restated his belief that someone else will be killed at the crossroads at Notton Lane, between Chevet Lane and Bleakley Lane, after a collision between a Mercedes Sprinter van and a red Honda Jazz car this week.

Former parish councillor Stephen Selby.

Former parish councillor Stephen Selby.

Mr Selby has campaigned for 20 years for road signs to be put up, speed limits reduced and improvements made to the road surface following several deaths and many more crash on the “notorious” stretch of road.

He said: “The risk at that crossroads is if you make one wrong move you will be instantly killed or seriously injured.

“I can assure you – if you come to the Notton Lane crossroad your life can end in second.

“The next time it could be a minibus full of kids. It is the worst crossroad in Great Britain.”

There were fatal crashes on the stretch of road in 1995, 2003, 2009 and 2013.

Neil Rodgers, Wakefield Council’s service director for Planning, Transportation and Highways, said: “The safety of all road users is a priority and we are sorry to learn of the recent accident at the crossroads on Notton Lane.

“As in all circumstances we will review the junction to see if any further improvements can be made above those that have been introduced in recent times.”

The most recent accident took place at 11.40am on Monday.

The driver of the van, a 25-year-old man, was airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary with serious injuries, which were not believed to be life threatening.

Anyone who witnessed the crash, or has any other information which may help the investigation, is asked to contact PC Mark Curtis at SRANS East via 101.