Actor caught in Japan quake

Actor Nathan Shaw from Ossett.'w4319a105
Actor Nathan Shaw from Ossett.'w4319a105
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A PANIC-STRICKEN mum has spoke of her relief after her son escaped the Japanese Tsunami and earthquake unscathed.

Nathan Shaw, 20, of Storrs Hill Road, Ossett, had been in Japan for a week when Friday’s earthquake struck.

His mum Wendy, 49, collapsed in fear when she saw the news of the 8.9-magnitude quake and it was hours before the family were able to contact Mr Shaw online.

Mr Shaw, a dancer and actor, moved to work at Disneyland Tokyo and was in rehearsals when the quake hit.

Mrs Shaw said: “I couldn’t get through to him at first and was really worried. I was distraught because I had heard that Disneyland’s car park had been obliterated. I’m so glad he is coming home. When you’ve got someone involved in it makes the scenes of devastation even harder to bear.”

Disney has paid for Mr Shaw to fly home today, but he hopes to return to the country as soon as the resort is reopened.

Mrs Shaw said: “He’s taking it all in his stride. He’s not even bringing all his clothes home, just his dirty washing as he has no water.”

Mr Shaw is 180 miles away from the Fukushima nuclear power station, where Japanese military helicopters were yesterday dropping water on the plant, trying to avert a full meltdown. The number of confirmed dead stands at 3,600, but with many thousands more still missing.

Speaking from Tokyo, where he had no running water and regular black-outs, Mr Shaw said: “It felt as if you were drunk, the ground was moving beneath you and you could barely stand up. You could see everything swaying, buildings moving.

“It only just hit me how emotionally draining it has been.”