Adultery is booming in Wakefield with over 8,000 people having affairs

A new cheating map reveals 8,226 people are having affairs in Wakefield - up 10% on last year

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 1:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 4:58 pm
Adultery is booming in Wakefield with a 10% increase in the last year.

The interactive Infidelity Index allows users to search a city, town or postcode to discover how many people are having affairs in any locality.

The figures from, the UK’s leading dating site for married people, show that sex in the suburbs is booming with five wealthy commuter towns in the South East in the top ten.

Windsor is the UK's cheating capital with 4.29% of the population cheating. spokesman Christian Grant said: “Adultery is booming in Wakefield with a 10% increase in the last year.

"We have found particularly strong figures for cheating in towns and cities which voted out in the Brexit referendum. Wakefield reflects that trend.

"People feel betrayed by the Government and that makes them more likely to cheat in their personal lives. There is a breakdown in trust.

“Lots of couples in West Yorkshire cannot afford to divorce due to the cost of establishing two new homes, so they are sticking with their partner and adding some spice to their marriage by discreetly having an affair.

“They know that with a site such as IllicitEncounters they can have an affair with a like-minded partner who is also looking to cheat. Both sides can have some fun without upsetting things at home.”

The figures are based on IllicitEncounters’ own extensive data on the numbers of Britons cheating.

Since its inception 16 years ago, more than one million people have registered with the site. has seen a 25% surge in registrations in the last five years and each week around 20,000 people are conducting affairs on the site.

The average income of men on the site is £54,000 a year - with most working in professional jobs.