Anti-war protestors stage demonstration in Wakefield city centre against UK airstrikes in Syria

A protest against UK airstrikes in Syria took place in Wakefield city centre.

After a ten hour debate in parliament yesterday, MPs overwhelmingly backed military action against Daesh or the so-called Islamic State (IS) by 397 votes to 223.

A ‘don’t bomb Syria’ protest started in The Bullring at 5pm today (Thursday).

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A group of around 20 to 30 protestors from the Wakefield Stop the War Coalition waved placards saying “stop the bombing” and chanted “not in our name” as well as ‘Mary,Mary,Mary,out, out, out.”

Several motorists sounded their horns in support as they passed.

Protestor Andy Brammer said: “We are protesting against the bombing campaign in Syria.

“The evidence shows that bombing doesn’t work. We have had war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and all that has done is create more misery, more civil war and more refugees and there is no evidence to show that this will be any different.

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David Cameron says he wants to stop terrorism but this is just a sure fire way of ensuring more attacks.”

Three of the district’s MPs - Wakefield MP Mary Creagh, Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford MP Yvette Cooper, and Outwood and Morley MP Andrea Jenkyns - were among the 397 who yesterday voted in favour of British military action against Daesh or the so-called Islamic State in Syria.

Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett was one of the 223 who voted against the government.

The group also claimed Ms Creagh should have consulted people in Wakefield before the vote.

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Mr Brammer said: “Mary Creagh should be representing the people of Wakefield and the majority view is against the airstrikes.

“I know that from people I have spoken to and the opinions people have expressed to me.

“The community would love to meet Ms Creagh and ask why she didn’t consult her constituents.”

Speaking after the vote, Ms Creagh said: “Daesh is a fascist organisation that must be defeated. The longer we leave it the harder it will be.”