Are Wakefield buses letting you down? Here's what you had to say

News that bus services are 'declining' in parts of the Wakefield district has attracted dozens of comments from you, our readers.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 4:10 pm
Updated Friday, 12th October 2018, 5:13 pm

It’s been claimed that some people in the area were unable to use public transport because of a lack of infrastructure.

READ FULL STORY: Are Wakefield bus services letting people down?A report earlier this year found that young people in Wakefield were being “held back” in the jobs market because of the problem.

We asked for your opinions on Wakefield bus services and here’s what you had to say via our Facebook page.

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Eleanor Kai said: “Yes, we don’t even have a bus to Barnsley anymore from Ryhill and Havercroft were cut off completely and people have had to leave their jobs because there’s no transport. It’s disgusting.”

Joanne Watson said: “No bus from Wakefield to Notton after 6.25pm. No good for getting home from work.”

Jennifer Lane-Price commented; “Do you want a list? So many services cut short or off!”

Aimee Elizabeth Barrett said: “Arriva are a joke. They either don’t show or are about 20 mins late. Not very good when you have work to go to or school run.”

Derrick Still:”Yes, no bus to Doncaster, Halifax, Brighouse from Wakefield.”

Chris Skevington said: “Yep, never on time no matter where you wait for the bus. Even the drivers can’t get to their bus on time and when you complain about them they do nothing.”

Chris Butler added:”Yes, they are. We lost our service, according to Arriva, due to lack of use or in Layman’s terms, not making enough money.”

Joanne Powney said: “My daughter gets the Wakefield to Pontefract bus daily and is often late for college as the buses never run to time.”

Kristy Hurst: Yes, it’s disgusting. I live in Ryhill and can’t even get to the next village, Royston. I have to rely on taxis. I used to love going to Barnsley for the market but can’t go now. Not one bus runs.”

Jean Thomas said: “I have found 110 bus is quite prompt, but 149 and 148 are never on time. At the bus station the driver changes but it could be five-10 mins before the next driver turns up! No discipline.”

Stacey Higgs added: “Even the bus routes that claim to have buses ‘every 10 mins’ or so never run on time and often miss. For what it costs to use this ‘service’ you could pay for a taxi in any event.”

Colin Williams said: “Bus deregulation was not an option in London but good enough for the rest of us. And now we’ve ended up with this shambles.”

Scott Wakefield: “You bet, many mornings the 444 from Wakefield bus station doesn’t even show... no update or explanation.”

Jason Horler: “Absolutely agree, one bus every two hours on a night and Sunday.”

Karen Sharpe: “196 and 195 have been always hit by late and missed buses. Hiked up prices for lesser efficient services too. Smaller companies charge less and are on time. Why can’t Ariva acheive this?”

Neil Jakeman: “They’ve been declining for years, since deregulation the profitable routes have been cherry picked and the rest have been run down.”

Kyrah Foley said: “I used to catch the 110 to catch an adjoining bus for my night shift and early on a morning and from 8pm they’re horrendous. They either miss completely or they’re late so you can’t get the adjoining one. Don’t even get me started on the joke that is the Arriva phone app.”

Jennifer Lane-Price said: “The 278 has been stopped now takes three hours to get home one any route from Halifax. Selby bus stopped. 116 stopped. Other bus services reduced.”

Kristy Hurst: “We have a train station in the next village with trains to Leeds and Sheffield but buses only run till about 4pm then stop so anyone wanting to commute fore jobs are stuck. We are totally cut off.”

Gillian Evans said: “Ryhill used to have a service to Barnsley, but not any more. We get referred to Pontefract hospital, but can’t catch a bus there direct either. People who work and don’t drive in this area can only work in Wakefield - unless they take two buses.”

Paul Wormstone said: “Arriva buses are dearer than taxis if you are travelling in a group of two or more. In the old days, taxis were way more expensive than buses, if you got a taxi you were posh - it’s becoming the opposite now.”

Aaran Metcalfe agreed: “Yeah, considering I work in Leeds, living in Wakefield, I can sometimes be waiting up to 35 minutes for a 110 to come you see several going one way but none coming your way, and when they do there’s about 2-3 at once.

“Supposed to be every 10 minutes not whenever we feel like getting there. As well as this drives stop at random bus stops for 5-10 minutes and sit on their phones or do something else. I get they have a schedule to keep but as I’ve said, supposed to be every 10 mins not whenever they please.”