‘Arrogant decision’

So despite objections and reservations expressed by the Victorian and Ancient Monuments Societies, the over-reaching and arrogant decision has been made to demolish St Peter’s Church at Stanley.

We should be shocked, but this is so predictable isn’t it?

The statement from the diocese is full of weasel words: “This is a sad day for everyone, No one likes to see a church demolished, The church has been an important part of people’s lives etc.”

The obvious question therefore arises - why raise it to the ground? Why demolish?

And what of the misericords? Well, there’s another story/ You would have thought that if someone had commissioned the removal of loose objects in a church, they would have had the common sense to have someone oversee it.

A unique landmark will soon ben gone, as a sop to the local community, a memorial will be installed to mark the loss.

There is still time to reverse this ill-advised decision.

John Roberts

St John’s Court