Asbo woman, 62, gets jail warning

Susan Harris court snatch, Wakefield mags
Susan Harris court snatch, Wakefield mags

A JUDGE warned a 62-year-old woman she could face jail if she keeps breaching her Asbo.

Susan Harris, who uses a walking stick, was given an anti-social behaviour order last year after a neighbour dispute, which ended up with Harris being evicted.

But Harris was back in court on Monday after breaching her two-year Asbo and failing to surrender to custody.

Leeds Crown Court heard how Harris called a taxi on October 19 last year. She was picked up from Hastings Avenue but began smoking and drinking in the back of the cab.

Harris, of Duke of York Avenue, Portobello, couldn’t direct the driver to where she wanted to go. After 45 minutes he took her back to the pick-up point.

But Harris verbally abused him and told him she would smoke and drink if she wanted to.

Judge Scott Wolstenholme, sentencing Harris to a community order with a nine-month supervision requirement, said: “You were given an Asbo and you have breached it on several occasions. This can’t go on. The more often you are in breach of the order, the more likely the court will send you to prison.”