Awards for PCs who stopped drunk driver

Chief Supt Andy Battle with PC Gavin Pearson and PC Karen Stanton.
Chief Supt Andy Battle with PC Gavin Pearson and PC Karen Stanton.

BRAVE officers who risked their lives to stop a drunk driver in his tracks were honoured at the annual Wakefield District Police Awards.

Chief Superintendent Andy Battle, divisional commander, handed out commendations to courageous officers, volunteers and members of the public at a special ceremony.

He said: “As police officers we are rightly expected to set and perform at high standards but these awards are a welcome opportunity to recognise those who go that one level further to truly go beyond the call of duty.

“In several of these awards officers and staff have put themselves in danger to fight crime or save lives and this sort of dedication is in the best traditions of policing.”

Among the winners were PC Gavin Pearson and PC Karen Stanton, who were on a routine patrol on Westfield Road, Hemsworth, in April when they saw a white van being driven by a man they suspected was drunk or on drugs.

PC Pearson asked him to switch the engine off but he refused and started to reverse the van.

He had no choice but to cling to the van door as PC Stanton called for urgent back up.

The driver tried to push PC Pearson into the road but he fought back.

Together the two officers managed to bring the van under control and arrested the driver.

He was charged with a number of offences and jailed for two years and two months.

Supt Tyron Joyce, Head of Operations at Wakefield District Police, said: “Their award is in recognition of the brave and selfless manner in which they put their personal safety at risk to ensure a dangerous individual was arrested.

“Their actions demonstrated their commitment to the continuing safety of the public of West Yorkshire and we are extremely proud of their efforts.”

Awards were also given to Explorer Jake Alleston, Special Constable Brian Walshaw, PC Chriss Schofield, PC Steven Lawson and member of the public Tim Robinson, PC Sean Dawson, DC Elkie Cook, PC Helen Priestley, Ms Corrine Holmes, PC Ian Wilby, PC Richard Baker, PC Amanda Blunt and John Scarr from Wakefield and District Housing, PC Lindsey Brants, PC Darrel Cameron, PC Helen Hardcastle, PCSO Paul Guest, PCSO Jane McMillan, PCSO Martin Denison and PC Alan Hosker.

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