Bar limit policy to cover ‘Run’

Westgate on a Saturday night
Westgate on a Saturday night
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A BAN aimed at preventing booze-fuelled crime and anti-social behaviour is set to limit the number of new bars and clubs on the Westgate Run.

Wakefield Council’s licensing committee is set to extend the city centre Cumulative Impact Policy next week.

The policy, which was brought in in 2006, limits the number of bars and clubs in the city centre.

Changes, which have been under consultation since March, will see the boundary of the Cumulative Impact Policy area extended to cover the entire stretch of pubs known as the Westagte Run, which starts with The Redoubt pub on Horbury Road.

If implemented, the policy means if people object to a licensing application on an issue classed as cumulative impact, such as crime or disorder, then it would be rejected.

A report to the committee, which meets on Tuesday, said: “Cumulative impact related to serious problems of crime, nuisance or disorder that can be created when a significant number of licensed premises are concentrated in one area, making it a focal point for large groups of people.

“The policy makes a rebuttable presumption that applications within the cumulative impact area will be refused if relevant representations are received about the cumulative impact on licensing objectives.”

The existing city centre cumulative impact area could also be cut back to exclude the Trinity Walk and Merchant Gate developments.

Coun Denise Jeffrey wrote to the committee in support of excluding the schemes, saying a ban would “seriously impede the developer’s ability to deliver the original vision for that area which is to encourage quality restaurants and licensed eateries”.