Bathroom window rapist showed 'little regard' for victims

A judge told nighttime sex predator Aryan Rashidi he hoped he would be deported after hearing how his victims had suffered "huge psychological upset."

By The Newsroom
Monday, 26th February 2018, 3:25 pm
Updated Monday, 26th February 2018, 3:35 pm
Aryan Rashid
Aryan Rashid

Leeds Crown Court heard both women had provided victim statements to the court describing how they had to move house since being attackedProsecutor David Hall said the victim of the rape offence said she was still frightened of the dark.

Mr Hall said the woman found "no joy in her pregnancy" because of what she had been subjected to.

The court heard the woman went on to give birth safely.

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The other victim described how she had suffered from depression and now checks her home is secure three or four times before going to bed each night.

Mr Hall said the woman has also considered living abroad.

After being arrested Rashidi produced documents purporting to be aged under 18.

The claims led to delays in the case being sentenced while medical reports could be prepared to determine his true age.

Judges on two previous occasions had noted how Rashidi appeared to be much older the 18 when he appeared in court.

Judge Clark said: "When you came before me on April 3, I noted that you sported a beard and appeared to be significantly over the age of 18."

A report in to his offending described how Rashidi appeared "glib and disregarding" towards his victims.

The report author also described him as "highly predatory" and willing to take risks to "meet his sexual needs."

It was also likely that he was under the influence of alcohol and cannabis at the time of the attacks.

Judge Clark said Rashidi faced being deported if he is ever released from custody.

He said: "Given the nature of the offending it is my hope and belief that you will be extradited from this country upon your release from prison."

After the case, Det Chief Insp, Sue Jenkinson of Wakefield District Police, said: "It is no exaggeration to say that Rashidi is a highly dangerous individual.

"His actions in breaking into a property and seriously sexually assaulting a pregnant woman while she slept were predatory in the extreme.”

The officer added that speed had been of the essence to track Rashidi, who was unknown of officers.

She said: “Following painstaking analysis Rashidi was captured on CCTV walking through Wakefield City Centre and officers located and arrested him from a hotel within 24 hours of the offence.

“Rashidi was due to leave the area later that morning and although forensic evidence was left at the scene he was not known to police in the UK.

"The actions of the investigation team in the first 24 hours resulted in a man not known in the area or on police systems being located and arrested,” she added.

Det Sgt Tom Penistone, of Wakefield District Adult Safeguarding unit, added: “The woman who Rashidi so seriously assaulted showed amazing bravery through the criminal process and I wish to pay tribute to her.

“The fact that she has asked us to warn residents to make sure they properly secure their properties speaks volumes for her character.”