Bevin Boy play asks for your mining stories

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The National Coal Mining Museum and a theatre group are teaming up to tell the story of the Bevin Boys.

But they need your help to dramatise the story of Bevin Boys, who were conscripted to work down the mines during and after World War Two.

The museum has joined forces with Theatre Royal Wakefield’s In On The Act group to perform the play during the Easter weekend of April 14 to 17. They are now seeking relatives’ stories about Bevin Boys. They also want the names of Bevin Boys, which will be included in the final act of the play.

The performance, which will also examine the nationalisation of the mines 50 years ago, was inspired by ex-miner and Bevin Boy Harry Parkes. He met the theatre group in the development stages of the production and after listening to Harry and hearing his life story, the group felt compelled to share his experience with an audience and raise awareness of the Bevin Boys’ contribution to the war effort.

The play will focus on young men who had hoped to join the armed services but were sent to unfamiliar communities to work in the coal mines.

Director Tina Shuker-Abell said: “In On The Act is a young group of people who come together to create and perform in theatre. At the beginning of the project they were excited to have the opportunity to work with the museum. However, after meeting and being incredibly moved by Harry, the piece being created has taken on a new significance for them and they feel passionately about highlighting the legacy of the Bevin Boys.”

If you have a story or name to share, please ring Sarah White 01924 844566 or email before April 1.