Blaze at house struck by lightning in Wakefield

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A house has been struck by lightning in Wakefield this morning.

Firefighters were called to an address on Plumpton Road at around 6.55am, and said the eight occupants had a very lucky escape.

Watch manager Adnrew Kinnear said: “The lightning hit the chimney, passed through the dormer extension, hit the central heating and passed through the house.

“A man had not long left the dormer room to go out to work when the lightning struck, so he was very lucky indeed, in fact they all were.”

The lightning strike caused a fire on the ground floor of the property, but the first floor was affected too.

Watch manager Kinnear added: “Everyone was out of the property when we arrived. The property is now structurally unsafe because there is a hole in the chimney and it could collapse at any time. There is also a smell of gas, which is being investigated.”