Booze confiscated from 50 street drinkers as police tackle anti-social behaviour in Wakefield

A car was seized during a police operation to tackle anti-social driving whilst 50 drinkers had their alcohol confiscated during a street drinking clampdown.

Thursday, 31st August 2017, 3:22 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:32 pm

Officers from Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) issued eight fines to people repeatedly drinking or refusing to stop drinking in the city centre's alcohol exclusion zone during the past two weeks. And they seized booze from around 50 first time offenders.

They also seized a car after reports of anti-social driving at the new Snow Hill Retail Park. And they issued two warnings for the anti-social use of vehicles.

The action took place as part of continuing operations to tackle street drinking and so-called 'car cruising' - racing or showing off vehicles - in the city centre.

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Chief Inspector Richard Close said: "We are well aware of the public concern caused by the twin issues of street drinking and car cruising in the city centre and our Wakefield officers have been proactive in taking suspects to task for several weeks now.

“NPT officers have made a significant number of alcohol seizures in recent weeks deterring people from anti-social behaviour. We will continue to take action and do all it takes to get the message across to people that if you drink in the city centre we will confiscate alcohol from you and you will potentially be fined.

“Those who think it is acceptable to drive anti-socially in so called ‘car cruise’ events in Wakefield should also be advised that we will continue to take positive action against them."

Police launched an operation to deal with dangerous drivers in July, after reports of racing around the Cathedral Retail Park.

Earlier this month, they issued nine fixed penalty tickets to drivers and seized an uninsured Audi from a man disqualified from driving.

It followed off road motorbike police patrols on the retail park in late July, which led to action against two motorists. One was given points on his licence and the other was summonsed to court for dangerous driving.

Meanwhile, officers have also been helping to enforce the Wakefield city Public Space Protection Order, set up in April to tackle street drinking, and stop people from urinating and defecating in alleyways.

In July, they confiscated 11 cans of alcohol from street drinkers, and issued one with a £100 fine during a day of action. They have also been advising people where they are prohibited from drinking.

Chief Inspector Close said: "We have more work to do to make our communities feel safer. If anyone has footage of persons driving dangerously or breaking the law, or licence plate details of cars involved, we would ask them to contact us. We cannot respond to all calls, but will assess each case and take appropriate action.”

Reports can be made to the Wakefield Central NPT on 101 or via email at [email protected]