Brave Amy to hold live music night after undergoing brain surgery

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A young woman who is recovering from brain surgery will stage a live music event to support a charity close to her heart.

Amy Bojar, 25, will throw the festival at The Grove in South Kirkby next month, to raise money and awareness for The Pituitary Foundation.

It will take place just six months after she underwent an operation to remove a deadly tumour from the Pituitary Gland in her brain.

In a blog she wrote at the time, she said: “I don’t have much choice. If I don’t have the surgery, the likelihood of dying by the end of the year is pretty high. If I do have the surgery, there’s a chance it could kill me.”

Mrs Bojar, of Fitzwilliam, was diagnosed with the tumour earlier this year, after five years of unexplained symptoms.

Her ordeal began in summer 2012, during her final year at university, when she was also working as a carer for the elderly and disabled. She was suffering from severe bloating and her legs were becoming painful and weak.

“Everything seemed to go downhill,” she said. “My diet was pretty good but my face and middle just kept ballooning while my arms and legs were turning into sticks.”

Mrs Bojar gained nearly five stone and found it increasingly difficult to walk due to muscle weakness. She suffered insomnia, couldn’t concentrate and was losing her hair - but medical tests were coming back inconclusive.

By 2014 her symptoms settled. The weight was dropping off, she felt stronger and in 2015 she was able to marry her partner Daniel. But just months later, things worsened again.

“I sort of ignored a lot of the symptoms,” Mrs Bojar said. “We had just moved into our first home together, I’d just started a new job in Leeds and I was really happy.”

Finally, in March, Mrs Bojar was told she had a 5mm growth on her Pituitary Gland, causing Cyclical Cushing’s, a rare disease that accounted for her symptoms. Having had her operation, she now faces a recovery of up to five years. And she wants to use the time to raise awareness of Cushing’s and other Pituitary conditions.

“This has been the hardest time of my entire life but I’m still trying to smile each day and I am so grateful for the support that I have received” she said.

Her music event, and a raffle, will take place on November 4 from 3pm. Tickets cost £3.