'Build an Aldi or an indoor market' - Your ideas for Chantry House as Wakefield Council plan to demolish eyesore building

Chantry House.
Chantry House.

News that Wakefield Council is to demolish and redevelop Chantry House on Kirkgate has received mixed views from you, our readers.

Wakefield Council has bought the eyesore office block with a plan to demolish it along with the derelict Snooty Fox pub.

The council said it would clear the way for up to 80 city centre homes if planning permission is granted

The former council tax and highways building – which has been empty since 2006 – is widely considered to be an eyesore by residents and businesses who say it gives a poor impression of one of the main routes into the city centre.

Full story: Chantry House to be razed for 80 new homes

Here's what you had to say:

Mark Whiteley: "Why don't they build a new indoor market and outdoor market there instead of houses?"

Ian Lawton: "Markets have had their day. Supermarkets sell fresh veg and fruit.We have to accept change in our consumer led capitalist society whether we like it or not."

Angela Wilshire: "Who wants to live next to a busy roundabout?"

Andrea Harley: "There isn’t enough schools for 80 potential new families. There isn’t enough hospital capacity or GP capacity. There isn’t enough space! Cut it out!"

Julie Dawson: "Forget the market! Why would you shop there when there's a Wilko's, a Morrisons and numerous cheap shops within shouting distance? Who wants to live near a roundabout? All the single homeless folk we keep hearing about."

Sally Humpleby Greenough: "Don’t know why some people think no one will want to live next to a roundabout. People are paying £300k plus to live on top of one in the new Strata homes at Newton Hill."

Beryl Stephenson: "If, like lots of people, you are desperate for a home you would happily live in any location. With insulation, double glazing etc the traffic noise would be minimal and the advantage of living in town would suit many. The apartments on Ings Road roundabout are a prime example."

Leanne WasRayner Speight: "Where's the new schools doctors etc going to go to cater for all the new houses been built and proposed to be built?"

Nick Shields: "Be good to know more about the finances here. Was the council still paying rent for the empty building? How much did it pay to buy? Who is going to redevelop it? For what precisely? After the mystery of the disappearing market, transparency is the order of the day! Living in the city centre is a great idea, if it was a bit quieter at night and not like living in a juke box."

Paul Walton: "Needed pulling down years ago that eyesore. Turn it either into a car park or a little garden."

Angela Wilshire: "What about something useful like an Aldi?"

Lisa Whiting: "Just what we need, more houses. Are there not enough empty as it is and new been built around Wakefield?"

Chloe Louise: "Houses? Seriously? Why can't you actually build something useful like something for kids?"

Joanne Rayner: "We are struggling for school places doctors and dentists so more people to come and live in Wakefield what we going to do then?"

Steve Firth: "Houses? With all that traffic just outside the door?!"

Daniel Williamson: "Rather see new homes than that eyesore."

Elaine Wilson Burkinshaw: "I certainly wouldn’t want to live near that busy road."

Christopher Hudson: "Hope it's not rabbit hutch style flats with no gardens. More houses= more council tax=less services."

Christopher Winterburn: "They should convert what's already there. It could be done, I'm sure, but this council loves to knock things down."

Trevor Howard: "Excellent use of a city centre space, Kirkgate area has been an eyesore for far too long."

Helen Nicola: "Great, more road chaos down there."

Carol Grason: "Thank goodness, it’s been an eyesore for years and when I worked in there I got a headache almost every day, it was not a nice workplace."

Paul Morris: "Selling off to make money again. Won't be much left to sell soon WMDC."

Ash Jackson: "There's loads of new mega expensive houses as well just up the road. The council should look at putting some affordable housing up themselves.".

Ben Schofield: "I'm surprised it's not being turned into a car park."