Burglar jailed over break-in at his great grandparents' home

A burglar who carried out a series of raids at the homes of his family members - including his GREAT grandparents - has been returned to prison.

A court heard Alexander Ede smashed his way into the home of his elderly relatives on February 25 this year.

Ede used a hammer to force open the window of the property on Gilcar Street, Normanton, Wakefield, while the couple were out during the day.

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Leeds Crown Court heard Ede did not take anything of value but left muddy footprints in the house which linked him to the offence. Anthony Moore, prosecuting, said Ede’s great grandparents were immediately suspicious that he had targeted the property because he had burgled their house in the past.

Ede, of Windross Close, Normanton, pleaded guilty to burglary and asked for a schedule of eight similar offences to be taken into consideration by the court.

Several of the offences on the schedule were burglaries or thefts committed at other relatives’ homes. Ede has 25 previous convictions, including ten for domestic burglary. He was on licence from a prison sentence at the time of the break-in. Kate Bisset, mitigating, said Ede was suffering from mental health issues and was looking forward to spending some time in custody so he could receive help and try to move on with his life.

Miss Bisset said Ede had had difficulty in accessing mental health services in the community and described his latest offending spree as “a cry for help.” Ede was jailed for two years, four months. judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: “You are only 20 but you are getting yourself a record of substance.”