Firefighters across West Yorkshire to hold eight days of strike action

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Firefighters will walk out on strike for eight consecutive days as a blazing row over pensions rumbles on.

Members of the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) have already staged 14 strikes in protest against plans to raise the retirement age and from 55 to 60 and to increase their individual pension contributions.

They will now hold eight further strikes starting on Monday, July 14 and will also join a nationwide strike by public sector workers.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said: “The government must realise that firefighters cannot accept proposals that would have such devastating consequences for their futures, their families’ futures — and the future of the fire and rescue service itself.

“We have tried every route available to us to make the government see sense over their attacks.

“Three years of negotiations have come to nothing because the government is simply unwilling to compromise or even listen to reason despite a huge amount of evidence showing their planned scheme is unworkable.

“Shorter strike periods have illustrated the strength of feeling amongst firefighters whilst limiting disruption to the fire service, the public and our members’ working lives.

“But the government is merely ploughing ahead, forcing firefighters to react.”

Strikes will take place:

- Monday, July 14 : 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm.

- Tuesday, July 15: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm.

- Wednesday, July 16: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm.

- Thursday, July 17: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm.

- Friday, July 18: 6am–8am.

- Saturday, July 19: 11am–1pm.

- Sunday, July 20: 11am -1pm and 7pm–9pm.

- Monday, July 21: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm.