Let’s keep our coin in the city -Buy Wakefield

Sarah Ainslie
Sarah Ainslie

As part of the Wakefield Express pledge to supporting city centre trade, we are proud to announce that we are adopting the Buy Wakefield social media brand.

Buy Wakefield hinges on a belief that if we keep our cash within the district - in terms of shopping and trading - then we all benefit.

Gareth Hunt

Gareth Hunt

That doesn’t mean that if you can find the same item, product or service elsewhere you shouldn’t take the opportunity to save some money.

But the firms and individuals signing up to this online are pledging to check out what Wakefield has to offer first.

The founders of Buy Wakefield are from the private sector - Gareth Hunt from Copiserv, Sarah Ainslie Marketing, Dan Conboy from Statement Digital and Andy Turner from First Choice Recruitment.

These ambassadors will be driving the initiative from a business perspective, while the Express has come on board to help spread the word to our readers.

Ms Ainslie said Buy Wakefield initially grew from an informal discussion on Linked In, adding: “It seemed a number of us shared a common philosophy that buying from local suppliers where possible had to be better than sourcing products and services from outside the district.

“We decided to create the Buy Wakefield initiative to give businesses a tangible concept they could buy into and a brand we could use to promote the benefits of buying locally.”

Mr Hunt said: “There are 8,000 businesses in the district. Just imagine if we could all just spend a bit more with each other instead of letting money drain out of the district. It was fairly clear to us this would in turn lead to greater prosperity, the opportunity for firms to grow, and therefore employ more people, and ultimately put more money in local people’s pockets.”

The Buy Wakefield Twitter account will retweet everything business-related when people include @buywakefield in their tweets and the Express will be running a series of Shop Small Eat Local supplements supported by Buy Wakefield in the coming months, similar to the one you’ll find in this week’s edition.

The Linkedin discussion group group helps businesses share ideas and companies can pledge their support for Buy Wakefield at www.buywakefield.co.uk

Contact enquiries@buywakefield.co.uk for more information and future editions of the Express for regular updates.