Wakefield Council defends top bosses pay after ‘town hall rich list’ published

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Six council employees enjoy bumper salaries of £100,000 or more despite multi-million pound town hall budget cuts.

The claim was made by the Tax Payer’s Alliance - but has been denied by Wakefield Council bosses who accused the pressure group of peddling misleading information.

The alliance, which describes itself as an “independent grassroots campaign for lower taxes” released the figure in its annual Town Hall Rich List.

Six Wakefield Council employees earned £100,000 or more last year, compared to seven in 2011-12, the report shows.

But the council said only four of its staff earned that amount.

A spokesman said: “Since 2010 the council has significantly reduced management costs and the chief executive continues to take a voluntary five per cent pay cut.

“We believe that the Taxpayers’ Alliance information is misleading as it is taken from older accounts information which includes retirement costs, and also includes headteachers over which the council has no direct control.

“It is not an accurate way of tracking the actual senior manager arrangements of the council.”

Wakefield Council is facing £185m in budget cuts over the next five years and most local government workers have seen their pay frozen.