Wakefield Council to charge £10 to replace your wheelie bin

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Householders who have their wheelie bins stolen will have to pay £10 for a replacement under cost-cutting plans by Wakefield Council.

Councillors voted through new charges for replacing lost or stolen bins which will save the authority around £30,000 a year.

A report to Wakefield Council’s cabinet said the there were around 3,700 requests every year for replacement bins.

Each bin costs £20, resulting in a £74,000 spend by the council.

Coun Olivia Rowley told the cabinet meeting: “It’s a concern about the budget issues, the sheer cost of replacing bins that have gone missing.”

Householders will be able to collect a replacement bin from one of three council depots, or arrange home delivery at no extra cost.

Damaged bins and recycling boxes will continue to be replaced for free.

The cabinet report said: “Historically the service has consistently overspent on the budget available for supply on wheeled bins due to the increase in demand.

“The average overspend over the last three years was £34,000.”

The report said requests for replacement bins had fallen at other councils which introduced charges.

It said: “The council currently receives around 3,700 requests for the replacement of missing or stolen bins and the cost of supplying these replacements has resulted in significant budget pressures.

“Where local authorities have introduced charges for wheeled bins to replace ones reported missing or stolen, there has been a fall in the number of requests of at least 50 per cent.”

The report said people would be less likely to leave bins out on the street as a result of the charges.

It added: “This would lead to fewer complaints by neighbours and a better quality environment for all.”

As part of the plan, householders moving into newly built properties will no longer be charged for their first set of bins, at a cost of £8,000 a year to the council.