Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 gives city firm major contract

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The team at a city glazing company have got their skates on to deliver a major contract for the Sochi Olympics in Russia.

ICW (UK) Ltd was asked by a major food company to make windows for an exhibition centre at the 2014 Winter Olympics, which started yesterday.

The glazing firm, which is based on Tadman Street, had just weeks to design and deliver to the sub tropical Russian resort with enough time to spare for them to be fitted and tested.

Managing director Mick Broadhead said: “They will be used in doors for an exhibition centre at the Winter Olympics, so it is a great showcase for our products.”

He added: “It was a very exacting commission because they have to deliver 100 per cent visuals yet withstand a constant hammering over a very short time span, approximately two weeks and conform to very demanding Olympic standards.

Company chairwoman Margaret Wood MBE said: “It is our 21st anniversary this year, so to be commissioned by one of the world’s leading food groups to make products for the top winter sports event in the calendar is very special.

“It was a demanding commission because they will have to withstand tremendous stress allowing thousands of people through daily in a short time span, but they felt confident coming to us.”

The company, which was founded in 1993 by Mrs Wood, exports glazed units around the world. It specialises in industrial and commercial windows design with bespoke glazed units for the manufacturing, commercial, corporate and leisure sectors.

Pioneer Mrs Wood was awarded an MBE in 2011 for her services to business and industry in Yorkshire and the Humber. She also won a Women Inventors in Industry award after developing a touch-sensitive window system for public transport.

She also regularly mentors up and coming entrepreneurs and scientists. She is currently working with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 programme.