Call for action on ‘racing circuit’ road after number of serious crashes

Geoffrey Wick has urged drivers to take care on Pontefract Road.
Geoffrey Wick has urged drivers to take care on Pontefract Road.

After another crash on a main road leading to Knottingley one resident has said action needs to be taken before someone is killed.

Geoffrey Wick, 70, said there had been around 10 serious car crashes during the time he has lived on Pontefract Road.

His fence was destroyed when a car smashed into his garden after the bend at the Esso garage in the most recent incident.

And he also says a neighbour has had five cars written-off.

But he fears the situation could become much more serious if measures were not taken to curb the problem.

He said: “They treat it like a racing circuit.

“Obviously if a car mounts the pavement during the day and there’s pedestrian they will be killed – it’s a definite.

“And that’s not to mention if there are mums with pushchairs or people who use mobility scooters who are forced to go into the road because drivers park on the pavement.

“A vehicle is a dangerous weapon to have in your hands.”

He said the majority of the crashes on the 30mph stretch of road happened during the night.

He said that if speed cameras were installed on the road it would make motorists drive carefully.

Graham West, Acting Service Director for Planning, Transportation and Highways, said: “We take road safety seriously in our district. We’ve not been made directly aware of any particular issues in this area, so we’d urge the resident to contact us to discuss his concerns.

“In the meantime, we’ll review the data that we already have for this part of the road and will consider if any appropriate action is needed, based on priorities and resources.”