Call for action to tackle parking problems on busy road in and out of Wakefield

Barnsley Road. Picture courtesy of Google 2016.Barnsley Road. Picture courtesy of Google 2016.
Barnsley Road. Picture courtesy of Google 2016.
Concerns have been raised over parking and congestion on one of the main roads in and out of Wakefield.

Residents and councillors are calling for action to improve Barnsley Road.

They say cars parking at the side of the busy route are causing obstructions, leading to traffic congestion and putting the safety of motorists and pedestrians at risk.

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And they want to see double yellow lines installed to help address the problem.

Coun Monica Graham, for Wakefield South, said: “Like many roads throughout the district, Barnsley Road in Sandal is becoming very congested, mainly from parked cars on both sides, half on the pavement, from early morning to late afternoon.

“This is the road where many children walk from Agbrigg to St Thomas a Becket and Sandal Castle Primary School.”

A post on the Sandal Community Association’s Facebook page read: “Worries include vehicles parking on Barnsley Road close to the junction with Agbrigg Road, obstructing vehicles trying to turn right into Agbrigg Road. This frequently leads to traffic backing up.”

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The post attracted dozens of comments from residents, sparking a debate on the best course of action.

Committee member Richard Taylor said: “People have been calling for double yellow lines to stop people parking along there. But the other concern is where do they all go?

“This is a problem that I have experienced personally and something has to be done. But exactly what, is difficult.”

Coun Graham, who said cars sometimes parked partly on the pavement, making it difficult for families with pushchairs and elderly people on mobility scooters to get through, said she had asked Wakefield Council’s highways department to assess the situation.

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She hopes to see double yellow lines painted on the stretch near Agbrigg Road junction and St Helen’s Sandal Magna Church.

She said: “The current situation is ridiculous. Introducing yellow lines would make it safer for pedestrians and also for traffic travelling up and down the road and for people pulling out of side roads onto Barnsley Road, which is very busy.

“I think in all aspects of safety, the lines would help pedestrians and other road users. I really would like to see these introduced.

“It’s down to the traffic and highways department now to have a look. I appreciate that there are steps and that it will take time and am grateful that they will consider it.

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“There has been a lot of comments on Facebook. There are lots of people who are really up in arms about the current situation.

“I have had numerous complaints and concerns raised by residents and I felt it was time to try and do something about it.”