CAMPAIGN: Stop our roads going to pot


Whether you’re a driver, cyclist or pedestrian, potholes are a costly and dangerous menace as vehicles attempt to swerve to avoid a looming crater or bounce through them risking uncertain damage or causing an accident.

That’s why the Express has launched a campaign, in conjunction with Wakefield Council, to improve our roads.

And our campaign is gathering support.

MP  Jon Trickett

MP Jon Trickett

Now Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett has backed our campaign.

He said: “As a regular cyclist in the area, I am especially aware of the poor state of our roads. I spend half the cycling time trying to avoid potholes.

“I’ve previously written to the council about potholes and they gave assurances that they are doing all they can to address the issue and re-surface our roads.

“Yet it’s important to remember that the council’s hands are severely tied as a result of government cuts to local authorities and that roads aren’t the only thing suffering because of this.”

Potholes are not a new problem and the authorities responsible for tackling them are well aware of the issue - but the dramatic variations in temperature and weather conditions in recent weeks has exacerbated the problem.

Wakefield Council fills thousands of potholes a year and we do not blame them for the issue.

Many people have been left counting the personal cost of a close encounter with a pothole and felt the frustration of wondering why, when we pay so much in various taxes, the roads which are at the heart of all aspects of daily life are in such a bad way.

So this is what we’re asking of you - send us a photo or video of a pothole that is causing you greatest concern. You can do that by emailing or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

At the same time, include a few details about where it is.

Please copy this information to the council at or call 03458 506 506.