Care changes are welcome

HAVING been a regular visitor to Haven Lodge Care Home since April 2007 until November 2011, I was relieved to read in the Express that the home is now out of administration and under new ownership.

And although in-house management hasn’t changed, it would appear that Julie Wright, a care consultant for Care Solutions Ltd, is providing an external management service aimed at revitalising the home.

For the sake of the residents I’m delighted that new staff have already been employed, staff will be trained, nurses will be recruited and a different ethos will be instilled throughout.

Sadly, however, this new beginning for Haven Lodge has come too late for one lady who became a resident in 2007 after being disabled by a stroke so unable to return to her own home.

In October last year a representative of the agents acting for the administrators served a notice for the lady to leave Haven Lodge by December 3 – just 16 days before her 90th birthday.

The reason given to her at the time was that the administrators had been informed that she had said that she wasn’t happy in the home, and as it was not their policy to provide accommodation for someone who wasn’t happy, then that person had to leave.

Desperate efforts were made by close friends to find alternative accommodation for her because the administrators were adamant that she had to be out of the building by December 3 – the day the new owners were expected to take over the premises.

But on a positive note, that particular very black cloud really did have a silver lining because the lady is now settled in a new care home where the standard of care is first-rate.

If Care Homes UK Ltd with Care Solutions Ltd really do transform Haven Lodge and provide a constant high standard of care and the dignity in old age that all elderly residents should be entitled to, then the chances are that the Normanton community will indeed support it again at some time in the future.

James Morris

Drury Lane


l The previous owner of Haven Lodge Care Home was contacted by the Express but did not wish to comment.