Castleford Children who took potentially-deadly drug released from hospital

Snapchat pillsSnapchat pills
Snapchat pills
Two children from the Castleford area who were taken to hospital after it was suspected they had taken potentially-deadly ecstasy pills have been released from hospital.

The pair, aged just 12 and 13, were stopped on the Smawthorne Lane area last Tuesday, June 5, and were put under observation after it was found they had ingested ‘Snapchat’ pills, which have been linked to deaths in the south.

The youngsters luckily appeared to have suffered no adverse effects of the drug.

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Meanwhile, a 13-year-old boy, also from Castleford, who was arrested on suspicion of drugs offences has since been released pending further inquiries.

West Yorkshire Police issued a warning about the pills, which have the Snapchat social media logo printed on them, after two people died at a festival in Portsmouth while another 12 were taken to hospital after falling ill.

Makers of illicit drugs often press pills into shapes resembling famous logos or brands, making potentially deadly substances appear innocuous or attractive to young people.