'Castleford is a wonderful town with great people' - your stick up for Cas after it's voted one of the worst in the UK

After Castleford was named in the top 10 worst towns and cities to live in England, it didn't take long for folk to jump to their town's defence.

Monday, 10th December 2018, 1:57 pm
Updated Monday, 10th December 2018, 3:05 pm
Castleford Market.

After the Express posted the story on Facebook, Cas folk, past and present, leapt to its defence with just a few agreeing with the vote.

Sarah Wilson said : "There’s worse places than Cas!"

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Jude Ferris agreed, saying: "Leeds is one. I would never move back there. I love Castleford, I've been here 40 years now."

Doreen Smith Reiki Master said: "I've never had a beggar come up to me in the street and ask for money like they have done in Wakefield and Leeds and other places. Like others are saying, there are many worse places than Castleford."

Diane Mattison added: I am born and bred in Cas. Yes we have crime and druggies, doesn't everywhere? I would rather live in Cas any day, than surrounding areas or big cities, like Leeds and London, Manchester etc. I love our town. Best years of my 20's and 30's was spent in Cas! Cas lass til i die."

Emma Hatfield said: "Right, I spent 5 and half years living in Cas. It wasn't the best but I've being to worse. Yes I did move to Derbyshire but only because we wanted a better house, in my opinion Castleford is a lot better than Wakefield, Grimsby etc."


Amanda Craven said: "Who actually voted on this? Agreed Castleford has its bad parts and has some really great parts too as does every town, city in the country. There is alot of investment in Castleford at the moment and will be a totally different town in a few years. I dont think that anyone who visits Castleford should be wary of the wallets being stolen, thats like saying everyone from Castleford are thieves and muggers."

Samantha Jane Nutton added: "We moved to cas 4 years ago from Leeds. The street we live in is nice and we're happy here."

Ruth Hunter said: "Coming from Bradford to Castleford, I can honestly say it's so much better here, feel so much safer than I ever did there."

Umair A Butt said: "Castleford is a wonderful town with great people."

Janet Woodcock said: "Castleford is home and it always will be!"

Jean Holmes added: "I've seen worse places. It's not that bad in my opinion."

Ian Awol Horn commented: "I work in Castleford and live in Normanton. Normanton is much worse than Castleford in my opinion."

Rachael Smith said: "We moved here just over a year ago. We love it. I've lived in Halifax and Doncaster and my hubby's from Tamworth, so believe us, it's great."

Shirley Shuker said: "I live in Selby. Castleford is the place I was born, I visit almost every week and feel safe there but I'm wary like anywhere else. Even York you have to be on your guard wherever."

Belle Warren said: "I've lived here for 3 years with my children and I feel safe where I live, so this being in the top 10 places makes no sense. Clearly people have never been to some parts in Leeds."

Mandy Jayne Kuchta said: " I've lived a few places and Cas is brill, Did live there for about 18 years and hardly had any bother."

Maxine Roke said: "I moved from Sunderland via Scarborough to Castleford , it's a great little town."

Dianr Sainter added: "Bless you Castleford, Pontefract, Featherstone and Normanton. Hard-working places, working hard to make the best of life."

But Steve Moore commented; "Wonder why! A town that has a population as high as we do and we have one platform and trains that belong in a museum, no public pool and more half way houses than pubs. I nearly fell over a guy begging coming out of old market today before he asked me for any change."