Cat poisonings investigated by police in Wakefield

Three family cats have died after being poisoned with antifreeze in Lupset and Eastmoor.

Saturday, 16th May 2015, 7:00 am
Bryan Waters' two cats have been poisoned by anti-freeze. He had to have them both put down. Police and the RSPCA have had several other reports, including one in Flanshaw, about cats being poisoned.

Bryan Waters had to have his beloved pets Merlin and Maggie put down after taking them to the vets when they became ill earlier this month.

The vet told him the two animals had been poisoned, most likely with antifreeze.

Mr Waters, of Manor Haigh Road, Lupset, said: “Merlin became sick first, his leg collapsed when he jumped up on the settee - I though he had hurt it but he deteriorated rapidly. Then Maggie came into the garden and she was staggering and walking very slowly. I took them both to the vets but they went downhill very quickly.

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“I don’t want anyone to have to go through what we are going through. We had Maggie for 12 years and Merlin for nine. My son is devastated, we all are. I’d urge anyone who has cats to keep an eye on them.”

Joline Riley-Judd, of Flanshaw Avenue, is also warning people to be on their guard after her cat Cleo fell ill on Saturday, May 2, and had to be put to sleep after developing severe kidney failure due to antifreeze poisoning.

Mrs Riley-Judd said: “Cleo came home ill, we first noticed she was delirious and her inner eye lids wouldn’t open. We assumed she may have picked up a bug and on Sunday morning she seemed better as she was drinking on her own. But she went drastically down hill from there.

“This has absolutely devastated me and my family - she was a beautiful, harmless, kind-natured animal who never hurt anyone. I am furious that this sort of evil animal cruelty can happen in this day and age. The vet informed me that her surgery has had numerous similar cases recently. I would like to warn anyone with cats to be very vigilant and extra careful. We have lost our beautiful Cleo, who was part of our family, and I would hate for anyone else to have to go through this.”

Police are now looking into the two incidents.

Insp Ian Williams, of Wakefield Central NPT, said: “Police have received two reports relating to the deaths of cats, which they are looking into and would like anyone with information to contact Wakefield Central NPT via 101.”