‘Cheating map’ reveals how many people are having affairs in Wakefield

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  • The interactive Infidelity Index for 2016 lists the number of people having affairs in Britain
  • The ‘cleanest’ town is Hebden Bridge with just 140 adulterers
  • Infidelity Index has been put together by IllicitEncounters.com – the UK’s leading dating website for married people

How many adulterers are in Wakefield? Well, now you can find out!

IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s dating website for married people, have created the Infidelity Index, revealing the amount of adulterers and the most adulterous towns and regions.

The site compiled the figures based on the geographical data of their one million plus members.

In Wakefield, there are 7,027 people having an affair, which is up from 6,957 last year.

In Hemsworth there are 482, Normanton 293, Ossett 299 and in Horbury 525.

Meanwhile the ‘cleanest’ town in the county is Hebden Bridge, with just 140 adulterers.

Halifax is third with 480 adulterers, but it is also the 99th most adulterous town in the country, with 0.54 per cent of its population cheating.

Spokesman Christian Grant said: “More and more people are signing up to the site every year.

“The reason for the surge in subscriptions is that record numbers of married couples in West Yorkshire are living together unhappily because they simply cannot afford to divorce.

“Spiralling house prices and living costs have made it financially impossible for couples to set up two homes following a split, so they struggle on while seeking excitement elsewhere.”

For the overall results, or to see who is cheating in your locality, go to www.infidelityindex.co.uk.