Christmas appeal: ‘You’ve made heaps of difference’

The Christmas Hamper Appeal’s food mountain is growing nicely.
Wakefield Chantry Rotary Club's Christmas appealWakefield Chantry Rotary Club's Christmas appeal
Wakefield Chantry Rotary Club's Christmas appeal

The Community Awareness Programme’s (CAP) headquarters on Market Street is now heaped full of goodies for disadvantaged people.

Wakefield Chantry Rotary Club president Bob Guard, a co-organiser of the appeal, said: “Well done everyone! We are almost there! Loads of food, loads of finished hampers and on target to help 800 families have a better Christmas.”

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CAP in Wakefield has been taking in donations from our generous readers every day over the past few weeks in answer to the joint appeal by CAP, Rotary and the Express.

Mr Guard added: “The food and hamper mountain is growing nicely and next week, with the help of the Rotary Club of Wakefield Chantry, the packing will start.

“Your donations of gifts to help the children as also looking good. But we could use some more please.”

The Rotary boss wanted to publicly thank Polybags Ltd, of Middlesex and Oversolve Ltd, of Nottingham, for generously donating the heavy duty carrier bags for the hampers to be packed in.

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He said: “If anyone still has either food, or finished hampers to donate, or any of the gifts we asked for, please take them in to the CAP centre in Market Street as soon as possible.

“The first deliveries will be taking place on Thursday, December 3, so time is tight to get everything done.”

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