City street is rubbish dump

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A Business owner says fly-tipping is blighting a city centre back street and no action is being taken simply because it is ‘out of sight’.

Lee Wilkinson, who runs Deli Central on Northgate, says rubbish is being persistently dumped behind his shop and despite speaking to Wakefield Council, police and even traffic wardens who patrol the area, he says nobody is prepared to listen.

Rubbish is piling up behind businesses in Wakefield city centre.

Rubbish is piling up behind businesses in Wakefield city centre.

Rubbish is piled high in the alleyway, know as Smallpage Yard.

The commercial bins are overflowing, but there are also black sacks dumped alongside a soiled mattresses, broken furniture and toys.

Lee, who took over the business 14 months ago, says vermin is now being attracted to the stinking waste.

The 40-year-old said: “A rat ran in front of my car when I was out there - I’ve told anyone who will listen and nothing ever comes of it.

“Everybody seems to have washed their hands of it and won’t accept liability.

“It’s fly-tipping, that’s all it is.

“It’s horrible and I do not understand why it has to get this bad.

“It’s very much out of sight, out of mind, but this is the centre of the city.

“If it was happening in front of the shop then something would happen, but because it’s behind nobody is prepared to do anything.”

If follows a decision by the council earlier this year to axe a dedicated fly-tipping team and reduce street cleaning as they look to bridge a £14.5 million funding gap.

After being contacted by the Express, Glynn Humphries - Wakefield Council’s service director for environment and streetscene - said the mess would be cleared and promised to clamp down on perpetrators.

He said: “We will use every tool at our disposal to identify and take action against those responsible.

“We are aware of the issues in this area and the most recent report of fly-tipping is being cleared. We search through all fly-tipped items rubbish to help identify who it belongs to. We have also visited shops in the area in an attempt to gather information that could help us take enforcement action.

“We are also considering using cameras in this area to help catch those responsible.”