City Tastes and Tipples: Mixing art, gin and sport at Hogarths

Gemma Joy at Hogarths.
Gemma Joy at Hogarths.

Westgate bar Hogarths opened in summer 2015 riding on the wave of the gin revolution that swept the country.

The bar was trying to fill a gap in the market as the drink began to enjoy a new lease of popularity.

It takes inspiration from the gin palaces of the 1800s and the satirical paintings of William Hogarth, mixing historical style with a heavy dose of sport coverage.

The bar is lined with TVs and is in its element on a matchday Saturday afternoon.

Though there are a range of tipples on offer, gin is the main event with 160 varieties available at the bar.

Gemma Joy, operator at the bar, said: “We don’t just want gin to be a phase. It’s been here before, it went, but now it’s back with a vengeance.

“People say they don’t like gin but we disagree with that.

“You can, almost 90 per cent of the time, find someone a gin they like. It’s normally the mixer and we will try to find one for anyone. People have it in their head they don’t like it so we ask them what kind of tastes and flavours they like, and it does turn out to normally be the tonic. ”

And she feels Wakefield has a bright future ahead with the advent of its recent bar and restaurant culture.

She said: “Wakefield has got so much better. Bar and food wise, they all seem to have come with a much higher standard now. Instead of people wanting to get on a train and go somewhere else they stay here. Over the last few years Wakefield has really caught up.

“You can look at the top, middle or bottom of Westgate and there is something for everyone now.”