City Tastes & Tipples: Love brought Alex and good food to the city

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Greek restaurant Delphi is getting up to celebrate its sixth birthday, but its story is nothing compared to that of its owners.

It was 1999 and Julie Firth was holidaying in Corfu with a friend when a young waiter approached them and convinced them to dine at his restaurant. His name was Alex, and he and Julie have been together ever since.

Alex had worked in the hospitality industry since he was 22 years old. He had worked across Europe, with time in Mykonos, Athens and Holland. Sometimes he was a waiter on a beach front, other times a chef in a hotel.

He had always dreamed of opening his own restaurant, and his Greek heritage and years of experience provided the perfect background.

By 2012, he and Julie were living in Wakefield, and his dream was about to come true.

Delphi describes itself as a “family-run Greek/Mediterranean restaurant and cafe.” Tucked away in the city centre, it has a refreshing selection of souvlaki, saganaki and moussaka.

Alex said: “We do homemade, fresh food, authentic food, some based on my own culture.

“It’s a small menu but it has a lot of personal touches.

“All of my life is about food, cooking and service. It’s hard to succeed, but it’s important to have the next challenge.”

Delphi is a cafe during the day, but each night it is transformed into a restaurant with authentic Greek food, drink and music.

All the food is prepared and cooked to order on site, with fresh ingredients delivered each week.

Delphi is on Union Street.

Authentic: Delphi is admired for its high-quality food and exciting atmosphere. One customer said: “It was lovely to find Greek food so authentic on our doorstep to remind us of holidays spent on sun-drenched Greek islands.”
Delphi’s cafe is open 10am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 4:30pm on Saturday. The restaurant is open from 6:30pm, Monday - Saturday.