Cleared cop tells of “living nightmare”

Det Insp Shakeel Ahmed who has been cleared of money laundering offences in relation to buying houses.
Det Insp Shakeel Ahmed who has been cleared of money laundering offences in relation to buying houses.

A DETECTIVE accused of money laundering has spoken of his “living nightmare” after being under investigation for three years.

Det Insp Shakeel Ahmed, of Maybush Road, Agbrigg, was cleared last week of the nine charges he faced following a prolonged investigation. The Wakefield Express understands the case against him and four others, which began in 2009, is expected to have cost tax payers more than £1m.

His wife Clare Ahmed, formerly Clare Batty, 38, and three other people who faced similar charges also had no evidence offered against them following legal argument at Leeds Crown Court.

Mr Ahmed, who works for South Yorkshire Police, told the Express this week: “My family have really pulled together in the past three years that this has been hanging over us. It has been a living nightmare.”

The case centred around Mr Ahmed’s property interests in Agbrigg. He was accused of converting and possessing criminal property but said the three-year old case against him collapsed in just three hours.

Mr Ahmed, 37, was represented by barrister Chris Daw, who is acting for former England football captain John Terry in his denied race case.

Prosecutor Richard Wright told the court that the Crown had “a continuing duty to review any case and to determine at any stage of the proceedings whether or not there remains a realistic prospect of securing a conviction.”

He offered no evidence against Mr Ahmed, his wife and three other people.

After the case a CPS spokeswoman said: “We are satisfied that all of those concerned in this investigation and prosecution have acted at all times in good faith; however we have nonetheless concluded that there is no longer a prospect of securing a conviction in the case of any of the accused. Accordingly we offered no evidence on all counts and invited the court to enter verdicts of not guilty.”

Mr Ahmed told the Express he was now looking forward to resuming his career.

He said: “I understand South Yorkshire Police are reviewing my suspension from duty and I look forward to returning to the job I am paid to do as soon as possible.”

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed Det Insp Ahmed’s suspension was being reviewed.