Community hopes to cash in on wind

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A WIND farm could be built in Sitlinton to raise much needed community cash.

Today parish councillors will meet with energy experts to decide if the scheme is feasible and where the ideal location for the wind turbines could be.

Coun Nigel Brook is the man behind the project and he believes the community could reap massive financial and environmental benefits.

He said: “It’s an exciting project - if it goes ahead, we could be one of the greenest communities in West Yorkshire within three years time. And the financial gains would benefit the whole community.”

York-based firm Origin Energy, which helps communities raise cash through renewable energy schemes, will carry out the survey.

If it is feasible, the parish council plans to fund the work through grants.

Coun Brook said: “Origin Energy will come back with recommendations as to the best projected location which will be determined mainly by the wind speeds.

“All the power generated from the wind turbines would go to the national grid and the parish would receive money for that.

“If we could generate funds it could be used to benefit the community.”

Planning permission would have to be granted by Wakefield Council before any turbines could be built.

A similar community scheme operating in Norton, South Yorkshire, is expected to raise profits of between £250,000 and £350,000 every year for the first 12 years.

Afterwards it is projected that around £600,000 could be collected annually to be spent on the community.

Steve Carney, director of Origin Energy, said: “It’s very early days at the moment. We are conducting a very broad brush study to see if it would be feasible.”

The feasibility study has been paid for by a £1,950 grant from CO2Sense, a not-for-profit renewable energy organisation.