Community news - Middlestown

NETHERTON O/50s: The first meeting of the New Year took the form of a quiz of 50s and 60s entertainment, which was prepared by John Earnshaw. Winners were Maria Ibbotson and friends. A copy of the programme for 2012 and a copy of the club’s accounts for 2011 were given to all members. Thanks were expressed to the Thornhill Poors Trust for the generous cheque sent to the club just before Christmas, which will help to keep the club afloat for another year. The next meeting is on January 25 at 2pm in the Trinity Methodist Church Hall when Bryn Pelzer will be the entertainer.

FORMER COTTON MILL: Discerning people will have realised that the photograph in last week’s Wakefield Express, on the Horbury and district page, was not of the former cotton mill, where five houses are to be built, but of the former woollen mill on the opposite side of Coxley Lane. This is where the new exhibition centre and house is to be built. You can actually see in the photograph the old engine room, which is to be rebuilt and restored as the exhibition centre.

W I: On Tuesday January 12 arrangements were made for a New Year Lunch. Six resolutions for the 2012 National AGM were discussed and members voted for the investment in, and training and employment of, more midwives. Mollie Urquhart gave an entertaining talk about the enterprise and persistence necessary to offload her “lots” after attending her first ever auction at Gibraltar. She appeared to come away with half the contents of a supermarket! Afterwards she was thanked by Hilary Sharp. Competition winners were Lesley Wackett, Joyce Hemingway and Margaret Naylor. On February 14, at 2pm, the talk will be a return engagement for a very popular speaker, Donald Woolley, who says that “every picture tells a story”. Not surprisingly the competition will be for an old photo – with a story!

CHESS: Netherton and West Bretton Chess Club are back in action after the Christmas break. The 1st team has reached the play-offs unbeaten, winning its last match against Huddersfield Knights 4 – 2, thanks to wins by Peter Shaw, Bien Cuaresma and Richard Desmedt, and draws from Barry Marshall and Nick Edwards. The 2nd team lost to Huddersfield Bishops 1 ½ - 4 ½ , with draws from Granville Boot, John Eagers and Gerry Thickett, but have still qualified for the top four play-offs along with the two Huddersfield sides. Unfortunately the 3rd team lost 0 – 6 to Wakefield, not helped by defaulting on two boards.

NETHERTON S & SC: Saturday January 21 sees the return of children’s entertainer Rockin’ Ronnie, with music, games and prizes. The fun starts at 2pm and entry is free. The following day, Sunday January 22, the superb Beardsmith Family are back at the club by popular request. One of the finest bands ever to appear at the club, they will be on stage at 1pm and, again, entry is free. Every Friday night is Karaoke night with Mick McGinley, and again entry is free.