Community news - Middlestown

PARISH PLAN: Work is ongoing with the Sitlington Parish Plan. A leaflet about the history of the parish is to produced. Information is also to be updated on the Parish Footpath Map ready for the production of a new one. The police display, on the parish council website, how many speeding tickets, etc. are issued each month in the parish. However, due to the decision not to increase the parish precept, a recommendation to buy a mini-bus to transport the elderly to events in the parish was deferred to another financial year.

CHESS: it has been a good week for the Netherton & West Bretton Chess Club. In the Huddersfield Handicap League, Netherton, after a disappointing season, at last finished with a good win at home against Huddersfield Rooks. The Rooks had a three-point start, so Netherton needed to win five of the six games. This was achieved with wins by Peter Shaw, Nick Edwards, Tony Gilpin, Richard Desmedt and Ron Atkinson, and a draw by Paul Jackson, to give a 5½-3½ handicap victory. However the match between West Bretton and David Brown Gears was a clash of the top two teams in the league. David Brown Gears only needed a draw to take the title and had a three-point start on handicap. West Bretton needed to win to force a replay for the championship and were helped when one of the opponents defaulted, which also reduced the handicap difference to 2½ points. However Granville Boot, Dave Toulson, Chris Tinker, John Gibbs (by default) and Gerry Thickett all provided wins, and Barry Marshall a draw to give West Bretton a 5½-3 handicap victory and so force a play-off for the title against David Brown Gears later in the season. The week ended with a bottom of the table clash in the I. M. Brown (Yorkshire League Division 2) match away against Wakefield B. Although heavily outgraded, Wakefield put up a good fight, but still remained pointless as Netherton came away winners 5½-2½, with victories from Alan Coupe, Richard Desmedt and Ron Atkinson, and draws from the remaining team members – Tony Gilpin, Dave Grobler, Paul Jackson, Bill Lumley and Greg Bailey.

NETHERTON SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUB: An extraordinary general meeting of the club will be held at 8pm on Monday January 30 to consider the club’s present situation. All club members are invited to attend.

LITTLE FISHES: This baby and toddler group meets at St Andrew’s Church, Church Lane, Netherton, on Thursday, 9.15am-11.15am, in term-time only. Come for breakfast. The £1.50 per family charge includes tea, toast, juice and fruit. A friendly welcome is guaranteed and there are lots of toys to play with. For further details contact Maria on 07790 674295 or Eleanor on 07772 586268.

NETHERTON O/50s: This club currently meets at Netherton Trinity Methodist Church Hall at 2pm on every second and last Wednesday in the month.