Conwoman behind bars

prison bars
prison bars

A CONWOMAN who targeted vulnerable elderly victims in their own homes by posing as a social worker has been jailed and given a lifetime Asbo.

Mary Lorriman of Hawthorn Mount, Normanton, was sentenced to two years and three months in prison last Thursday after pleading guilty to three offences of burglary in her home town.

The 54-year-old was also given an anti social behaviour order banning her from approaching elderly people in Wakefield in the future and from carrying bank cards not in her own name.

Leeds Crown Court heard Lorriman had a criminal record for targeting the elderly dating back to 1968. She had 45 previous offences and had served lengthy prison sentences in the past.

Sabrina Hartshorn, prosecuting, said Lorriman walked into the home of one victim as she slept in the front room on June 10 last year.

She told the pensioner she was training to be a warden and offered to make her a cup of tea, but left empty-handed after the woman’s daughter arrived and recognised her.

On October 20 she went to the home of an 81-year-old woman on Hopetown Walk and told her she had come to take her blood. She was allowed into the property but the pensioner became suspicious and asked her to write down her name. Lorriman left a false name before leaving.

Around 20 minutes later she went to the home of a 91-year-old woman who believed she was from social services and allowed her in. Lorriman offered to make her a cup of tea but left moments later, claiming she needed to check on her car.

The victim later discovered her purse, containing £15, was missing. Lorriman was arrested and later identified by the pensioner.

The sentence has been welcomed by Normanton neighbourhood police team (NPT), which supported the victims.

Insp Lisa Kirkland said: “The conviction is a success, but we also feel that the Asbo she has received is a big win for the community and shows how serious this offence has been taken.

“It is one of the first times something like this has been used in Wakefield and we hope it will protect elderly residents in the future.”