Conwoman jailed for stealing from Scouts


A serial crook who stole more than £800 from a Scout troop has been sent back to prison.

Gillian Dove, 55, committed the offence after serving a three year-prison sentence for defrauding her previous employer out of £160,000.

Dove, of Meadow Court, Ossett, was jailed for nine months for her latest crime after pleading guilty to theft while working for Richard Wilson taxation consultants.

Leeds Crown Court heard she got the job by faking a reference from the company she had previously ripped off.

Prosecutor Andrew Dallas said one of Dove’s duties involved cashing cheques and banking money on behalf of the 45th Wakefield Scout group.

Mr Dallas said: “She was failing to pay cash entrusted to her into the Scout group account.”

A total of £881 of the Scout group’s money went missing.

Timothy Bubb, mitigating, said: “Nothing I say can exonerate this defendant from stealing from a charity and I do not seek to do so.”

“She accepts by her plea what has happened and there is nothing I can say to ameliorate that.”

Jailing Dove, Judge James Spencer QC said: “You stole money over a long period of time. It was cash which I have no doubt they could ill afford to lose.

“This was a mean offence. You had a vulnerable victim and it comes after a long prison sentence.

“I regard you as a thoroughly dishonest woman.”