Couple get to relive their wedding day

Newlyweds receive gifts after their disaster wedding in April'James and Claire Sykes
Newlyweds receive gifts after their disaster wedding in April'James and Claire Sykes

A BRIDE who was thrown from a horse and carriage on her wedding day was given another chance to enjoy the happiest day of her life.

Claire Sykes, of Normanton, was given another special day to remember this week when she was pampered by business-owners who were shocked after reading about her wedding day disaster in the Express.

Mrs Sykes was left weeping and lying in the road close to the Pineapple pub, when the horse and carriage carrying the bride and her new husband lost control and hit a lamppost on Saturday, April 7.

But this week she was given a free wedding dress, hair makeover and photo shoot at Monk Fryston Hall to make up for her original wedding day disaster.

Mrs Sykes, 28, said the gestures had helped her to salvage something from her wedding.

She said: “They rang me when we were still reeling from the shock of it all, and I couldn’t believe it.

“I was crying on the phone. It made me realise how generous people can be.

“We have made the decision to move on from what happened. I could let it ruin my day for years or just accept the fact that it happened.”

She and her husband James were taken to hospital for treatment to cuts and bruises, and their reception party was cut short.

Their four-year-old daughter Abby Lei was also on the carriage, but was shielded from injury by Mr Sykes just before the crash.

And they were not able to get compensation for the accident as the owners of the horse were not insured.

Kelly Sweeney, of the Bridal Room in Castleford, where Mrs Sykes got her original dress, said: “What happened to Claire was awful.

“When I saw the article I wanted to get a group together so that we could all do something to help her.

Andy Box Photography, Monk Fryston Hall Hotel and Revival Hair Design, in Castleford, all chipped in for Mrs Sykes’ package.