Craig skis again after his stroke

Craig Dove with his Stroke Association coordinator Kayleigh Ratcliffe.
Craig Dove with his Stroke Association coordinator Kayleigh Ratcliffe.

A stroke survivor is preparing to hit the ski slopes again thanks to a funding scheme.

Craig Dove, of Havercroft, was just 26 and working in a local garage when he collapsed and had three strokes in quick succession.

He was left unable to move his right side, meaning that he now has to use a wheelchair. He has also been left with communication difficulties.

Before his stroke, Mr Dove, now 41, used to enjoy skiing but afterwards he didn’t think he would be able to enjoy his hobby again.

He said: “I used to ski on the black slopes when I was at school and it was amazing, we had so much fun. After my stroke, I thought I wouldn’t be able to ski again, because I’d lost my ability to stand.

But now he is receiving help from the Stroke Association’s Life after Stroke Grants, and funding from Royal Mail.

The grant scheme has funded six skiing lessons, as well as the cost to hire the ski wear for each session. Since 2014, grants just like Craig’s have been funded by Royal Mail, through their Charity of the Year programme.

Mr Dove added: “I’m determined to live every day to the full and now, thanks to the Stroke Association, I’m going to learn how to ski all over again.”

Kayleigh Ratcliffe, stroke support coordinator at the Stroke Association in Wakefield, has assisted Craig throughout his recovery and helped him with the Life After Stroke Grant. She said: “Craig didn’t think he would ever be able to ski again because of his disability. Fortunately Xscape Yorkshire in Glasshoughton provides adaptive skiing lessons and he is now able to take part in something that he did not think was possible, while improving his wellbeing.”

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