Cribs back as a trio

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WAKEFIELD band The Cribs are a three-piece again after former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr left the band to pursue solo projects.

The Netherton brothers, Ryan, Gary and Ross Jarman, were first joined by Marr in 2008, and recorded one album together, 2009’s Ignore the Ignorant. They confirmed his departure on Tuesday.

Ryan, 30 , said: “We don’t want it to be seen as a split, that just has so many negative connotations and really doesn’t represent the way everyone is feeling right now. The truth is that, we did more than we ever set out to do together really. We were and are all really proud of the work we did together.”

The band initially started working on the fifth album with Marr and Edwyn Collins last spring, but it “just wasn’t really working,” so the band decided to take a year off.

Ryan said: “During that time we all intended on working on other projects and at some point late last year, we just casually got together out in Portland as a three-piece and it was so much fun.

“Johnny had started working on a solo record in the time off, and it just seemed like the right time to go our separate ways. No-one is down about this in our camp. It’s actually the start of a really exciting phase for everyone.”