'A danger to women and children': Stefan Carr's history of domestic violence against four ex-partners

Public danger: Stefan Carr was given extended prison sentence at Leeds Crown Court
Public danger: Stefan Carr was given extended prison sentence at Leeds Crown Court

A former soldier jailed after being branded a danger to woman and children has committed domestic violence offences against four women.

A court heard police contacted Stefan Carr's last victim Bethany Marchant to warn her over their concerns about his abusive offending.

Domestic abuse victim Bethany Marchant outside Leeds Crown Court

Domestic abuse victim Bethany Marchant outside Leeds Crown Court

Months later he carried out a shocking attacking upon her in which he placed a noose around her neck and tried to hang her.

Miss Marchant also had a pillow placed over her face as Carr tried to suffocated her during the prolonged attack

The dance teacher encouraged other domestic violence victims to come forward after Carr was given an extended prison sentence of 11 years and three months.

Leeds Crown Court heard Carr has engaged in significant violence towards women.

In May 2011 he began a relationship with the mother of his two children.

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, said the relationship was abusive from the start.

The abuse was verbal at first but after about a year he progressed to violence.

Their fist child was born in 2013 and the second child in 2016.

Mr Sharp said: "She eventually decided that enough was enough in April 2018 and she left with the children.

"This seems to have brought the defendant to his senses for a while, and in the autumn of 2018 she felt able to spend time together as a family to see if anything could be salvaged."

By this time Carr had started a relationship with Miss Marchant.

The prosecutor added: "He did not think the privilege should be extended to (the victim).

"He arrived home at about 4.55am one morning, clearly in a rage and intent on violence, and demanded to see her laptop and phone."

Carr said to the victim: "It's up to you, I can either do it here or downstairs.

"It's up to you how much you want the kids to see."

Carr punched the woman in face, causing her to black out.

In a second attack on January 13 this year Carr turned up at her home unannounced, locked her inside, took her keys and began interrogating her.

He demanded to see her mobile phone.

Mr Sharp said: "This quickly developed into him putting her to the floor, grabbing her hair and banging her head to the ground, then engaging in disturbing conduct involving suffocation and strangulation that he was, less than four months later, again to engage in with Bethany Marchant."

He took a cushion and attempted to suffocate her, first with a cushion and then by squeezing her nose and putting a hand over her mouth.

He continued long enough for her to feel herself become dizzy.

She managed to get to a landline phone and dial 999 but Carr grabbed it from her and snapped the cord.

He then took the cord, wrapped it around her neck and said: "Right, if I can't hurt you I will hurt one of the kids in front of you, the choice is yours."

The woman managed to get hold of the door keys as Carr looked at her phone.

She got herself and the children out of the property and went to a neighbour for help.

Mr Sharp said: "The incident left her petrified and, in her own words: 'today I honestly felt like he was going to kill me...I can't live like this any more.'"

Carr was arrested and questioned over the attacks before being released on bail.

He went on the commit the offences against Miss Marchant on May 5.

Carr has conviction for violence against two other former partners.

In 2011 he attacked a 17-year-old victim after he had been in a six-month relationship with her.

He broke down the door at her friend's home before carrying out the attack.

He grabbed her by the hair, pulled her outside and kneed her to the face.

Carr then attacked the victim's friend's father by punching him several times to the head.

Damage worth £1,996 was caused in the incident.

Carr then attacked another woman in 2012 while they were on a night out together in Castleford.

He grabbed her by the throat, headbutted her to the mouth and punched her in the face.

The woman threw her engagement ring and phone at Carr during the incident.

The next day he turned up at her home demanding the ring.

The woman tried to hide in the bathroom but he ripped the door off its hinges, headbutted her in the mouth, and repeatedly kicked and punched her.