A pair of tatty trainers led police to burglar


A shoe swap burglar was brought to heel after he left his “flimsy trainers” at the scene of his crime.

Shwan Said Riza, 25, stole a pair of warm workmen’s boots from commercial premises on Teall Street, which were being renovated.

Wakefield Magistrates’ Court heard how Riza sneaked into the building on November 1 with the intention of sleeping there.

But Martyn Lord, defending, said: “At the time he was wearing a flimsy pair of trainers. It was cold. What he in fact did was to swap his trainers for the work boots on the basis they were warmer.

“He left his trainers behind. That led to his identification from DNA on the trainers.”

Riza, of no fixed abode, admitted burglary and possession of a lock knife when he was arrested in Selby on January 29.

The court heard the Iraqi claimed he needed it because he went to some “dangerous places” like Kurdish areas. He also used it to open tins.

District Judge Adrian Lower, jailing Riza for eight weeks, said: “Carrying knives in public is a very serious matter. You should know that because you have been convicted of that before.”

He said Riza may well have carried it for his own protection but so often they get used.

Judge Lower added: “When knives are used they can cause very serious injury, that’s why the courts take a very serious view.”

He said the message must go out that carrying knives would not be tolerated.

Turning to the burglary offence, the judge said: “You effectively did the police’s job for them by leaving your trainers at the scene.”