Call for police to increase patrols after yobs target Pontefract play areas

Goal posts on the Orchard Head fields have been broken
Goal posts on the Orchard Head fields have been broken

VANDALS are targeting play areas, parks and trees in Pontefract.

Parks and playgrounds in Chequerfield, Willow Park and Orchard Head have been heavily damaged over the past month.

And now councillors are asking for police to increase patrols across the town.

Coun David Jones said that parks and play areas are now prime targets for anti social behaviour, littering and destruction.

He said De Lacey Park in Chequerfield, known locally as Ozzy Park, has been hit.

Coun Jones said: “Two years ago, ward councillors committed the majority of that year’s capital grant towards the replacement of outdated play equipment on the play area on Chequerfield Lane.

"Recently a swing designed for babies was stolen, but replaced out of our ward funds. And now part of the special rubberised matting has been torn up.”

Trees in Chequerfield had also been hacked at by the thugs.

Goal posts on the Orchard Head fields have been broken, along with smashed glass and litter left in the wood chippings in the play area.

Coun Jones said: “There will be members of our community who know who these people are who are committing these acts of vandalism. They must come forward and report them to the police so that further damage is prevented.

"These acts of vandalism along with the most recent ones are attacks on our community and do not reflect on the vast majority of well-behaved children and young people who respect property and our environment.

“It is unacceptable that some people think they can wantonly damage property, use abusive language, ride motorbikes through play areas and think they can do as they please without consequences.

“I am calling on the police to increase their presence in the area in order to catch those carrying out acts of vandalism and destruction because the community is sick and tired of them.”

Anyone with any information should contact police on 101.